A Holiday on Water

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise vacation but worried that you might feel claustrophobic on board, or that there won’t be enough to do or that it is simply too expensive?  Here are some great reasons to consider a cruise for your next holiday.


1.  Value: Despite the belief that cruising is expensive, you can find great deals that may end up cheaper than a land vacation.  Even the more basic cruises tend to include your dining and on-board activities.  Many cruise lines are now including things like off-shore excursions, alcohol and gratuities.  If you are travelling with your family, kids might even sail free with 2-paying adults.

2. Never Bored: Ships offer a one-stop shop for everything you could want.  Casinos, Lounges, Shows, Kids Clubs, Spas and Pools. and even Movie Theatres!  While every ship is different, they all offer multiple choices for your entertainment on-board.

3. Multiple Destinations:  Avoid the hassle of planning a multi-city trip and let the boat whisk you away.  No need to run for a bus or train or worry about flight delays.  You can go to sleep and wake up somewhere new.  Another benefit is that you only need to unpack once!  Your belongings stay securely stowed on the ship while you are exploring new destinations and experiences.

4. Tailored Experience for Everyone:  Cruises are a fantastic option for multi-generational vacations.  For the kids, there are kids clubs, pools, waterslides and dance studios.  Parents can enjoy a spa treatment or a private romantic dinner.  Grandparents may like the casino or the nightly entertainment.  Whether your family wants to do something together or enjoy some alone time, there is something for everyone.

5. Easy to Plan:  Because you don’t have to worry about deciding on the hotel, researching what restaurant to choose or what activities to do and how to get there, a cruise is very easy to plan.

Booking with a travel agent can make this process even simpler.  For starters, you get to talk with a real person rather than trying to navigate through all the websites online, hoping you are getting the best deal, saving you a ton of time.  A good travel agent  will listen to the things that are important to you and utilize their resources to find your that perfect vacation.  They will be able to analyze the fine print and clarify things such as cancellation policies or restrictions.  Many are commission-based and this is a benefit because not only do you get their experience at no cost, but their top priority is to make you happy.  If they don’t, there is no sale.  Finally, they are your advocate.  In the event that something goes wrong, they will work for you to get it resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

While I am a travel agent, these are my own personal opinions on why cruising can be a great choice for a vacation.  When I was younger, my parents took me on a cruise and it was one of the fondest vacations I can remember.  We met so many wonderful people, enjoyed amazing food with my family and got to visit some interesting ports.  I can’t wait to give my daughter a similar experience.

If you have any questions, or are looking for advice, drop me a line. I would love to assist you in planning your next vacation!


*photo courtesy of http://www.cruiseshipcenters.com/stephaniepoole  (Princess Cruise Lines)

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