Why you need a Travel Advisor – Seriously!

Not everyone enjoys spending hours planning vacations like I do.  Researching the hotels, restaurants, local attractions and checking out all the airlines for the best price and flight times. There are so many choices and sometimes, you just want to take a great vacation without all the hassle of planning it.  This is where a Travel Advisor can become your best friend.  Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using one:

  1. Time:  Rather than spending hours booking your own vacation, your Travel Advisor will do that legwork for you.  And because they have the experience, they can likely do it faster than you would.
  2. Money:  With their knowledge, you could find yourself saving a lot of money.  They know a good deal when they see one; though sometimes cheaper doesn’t always mean better.  Travel Advisors know what extra fees are charged, understand the fine print surrounding cancellation fees and might be able to get  you some free perks such as a room upgrade or free Wi-Fi.  (With multi night stays, this can really add up).  Additionally, there is typically no cost to you as advisors are often paid via commission only.
  3. Consumer Protection:  Rather than being all alone if something goes wrong, your Travel Advisor can go to bat for you and help solve any unforeseen issues that might arise.  They can also assist with setting up travel insurance for you if you need it.
  4. Recommendations:  Because they have first-hand experience in many of the destinations you are looking to visit, they can provide unique perspectives and suggestions on where to eat and what to see.
  5. Personalized and Tailored:  Your vacation won’t be some pre-planned, one-size fits all type of holiday.  Your Travel Advisor will get to know you and by doing this, they can tailor your vacation to meet your specific needs.
  6. Group Travel:  Travelling with a group can be stressful.  Everyone has different budgets, tastes and physical abilities.  When booking with a Travel Advisor, they can take all of that into consideration and find a happy medium for the whole group. They can often get group discounts depending on the size and destination.

NOTE:  A cruise is a great option for large groups.  The ships have such a large variety of food and activities that everyone can be satisfied. (See my post here for more info on why you should cruise)

You don’t always need to book with an advisor.  For those cheap 3-star weekend vacations to Vegas, you can probably do that on your own.  But if you are looking for something luxurious, tailored or expert advice to ensure the trip of a lifetime, the first thing to do is to call your Travel Advisor.

For all of these reasons, and with my personal love of travel, I am now a Travel Advisor with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers (not just for cruising!)  I have had the opportunity to travel my whole life and wish to pass on that knowledge and experience to you.  If you are planning a trip, let’s chat and see what I can do for you! I am also happy to let you know when booking yourself is the best option.  Let’s explore the world together!!



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